Sunday, February 14, 2010

Free CBZ and PDF manga and comic Creator tool

NOTE :Does not work in 64 bit Windows and program install and uninstall is not in English at all-that sucks big time but it is free program
New version of CBZ Creator is now V. .
Some minor bug resolved and a little different gui .
CBZ Creator
Is a program made to make creating cbz files super easy for everyone that has thousands or more img files, and want to make some
CBZ files or convert them to PDF.
This version allow you to take a folder ( with or without subfolders ) , take the image file inside and convert them on :
- Black and white image
- Resize them
- Crop them
- Convert them to
PDF files(so you can read them with most portable ebook readers)
- Convert them to
CBZ files

As you can said the program
CBZ Creator is free for both commercial and personal use. If you find it useful , please donate to keep this project active . And remember to thank the creator on his page here for excellent free software:

CBZ Creator is here for download

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